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Charity Golf Tournament


Deaf and almost blind. The charity event at Haag Golf Club was for a good cause.

With this charity event, Pizza & Baguette wants to draw attention to the relatively unknown USHER syndrome. In Austria, an estimated 500 to 1000 people are affected by this disease.


There are no exact figures, as the disease is difficult to diagnose. Affected people are deaf from birth and with increasing age the field of vision narrows until total blindness.


"Our aim was to contribute to raising awareness about this rare disease," explains Günter Reisinger, initiator of the event. Dominik Pointner, son of club member Albert Pointner, suffers from USHER syndrome. So the club came up with the idea of making a contribution to raising awareness.


A total of 5,000 euros was raised through private donations and the entry fees, which will benefit the organisation of the deaf.