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The trend product from Italy - Pinsa


The little sister of pizza!

Fine Italian craftsmanship:


- Original Pinsa Romana by Di Marco

- Sourdough made from rice, soya & wheat flour

- 72 hours dough maturation

- Handmade

- Light, crispy and airy

- Versatile topping


With us in the varieties Pinsa Romana, Pinsa Salami, Pinsa Tomato-Mozzarella, Pinsa Margherita.



More digestible, crispy & airy:


The biggest difference between a conventional pizza and our Pinsa is clearly in the flour. While wheat flour is used for a pizza, three different flours are used at once in the pina dough. A mixture of wheat, rice and soya flour, together with oil, salt, fresh yeast, sourdough and more water than for a pizza, is worked into a smooth dough. Very important: the dough must rest, for at least 72 hours. Finally, it is expertly pulled, which gives it its characteristic oval shape and allows it to be topped with all kinds of delicacies.

Baked golden brown, the finished Pinsa is crispy on the plate and wonderfully fluffy on the inside.


Taste tip: Pinsa Romana drizzled with olive oil and refined with sea salt & rosemary.