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The most important thing in our company are the people!!!


Getting people with disabilities into jobs

A Rottenbach company has taken on a young man with learning difficulties and is very satisfied.

ROTTENBACH (raa). Georg Kocher was born in Grieskirchen in 1990 with a learning disability. Kocher had to complete primary and secondary school with a support teacher. After three years of work preparation at Joker Hof Tollet, he was employed part-time as a kitchen assistant. Then in May last year Kocher got his big chance. The company Pizza & Baguette in Rottenbach hired the man from Grieskirchen as a full-time employee despite his weaknesses. Together with 45 employees, Kocher works in the company's production and packaging.


A new quality of life

Much has changed for Koch since then. He appreciates his financial independence and can finally earn his own living. Kocher now lives independently in a rent-to-own flat in Rottenbach, which was pre-financed by his new employer. "The flat is close to the company and the town centre. It also gives me the opportunity to walk to work and reach the shops," Kocher says happily. 

From the very beginning, the family business has followed a sustainable and ethical path, as the management emphasises. "This means treating people and animals with respect, as well as handling food and the environment with care," says managing director Günter Reisinger. 
A guiding principle of the company's philosophy is: "The most valuable thing in a company is its people". Through their social commitment, they also continuously support "Caritas for people with disabilities: St. Pius and the Andorf Workshop ".