Without added colors, flavor enhancers and preservatives!

In our products come no artificial colors! We also refrain from the addition of flavor enhancers, so our products can develop their natural taste!

Occupied by hand

Despite state-of-the-art technology and resource-saving manufacturing processes, all of our products are still hand-picked by HAND!

MSC - Sustainable Fisheries

Not only the quality of our fish but also the way it is caught is important to us. MSC stands for sustainable fishing, the conservation of the oceans and a pleasure without a bad conscience.


As the first frozen pizza producer worldwide, we produce the entire assortment 100% GMO-free!

International standards

The International Food Standard is a matter of course for pizza and baguette.

Without palm oil

The protection of nature has always been a basic idea of ​​us. Therefore you will not find palm oil in any of our products.