We produce GMO-free!



According to the current state of the art, there is not a single foodstuff on the shelves of the domestic food trade which, according to the EU regulation on the labeling of genetically modified food and feed (EC 1829/2003 or 1830/2003), should be labeled as genetically modified. The clear consumer desire for GMO-free food </ strong> has ensured that virtually all retailers have strictly opposed any listing of products subject to labeling requirements and consistently comply with them.


However, even more than 10 years after its adoption, the EU labeling regulation still has major gaps: Food from animals fed with genetically modified feed does not need to be labeled. </ Strong> And: The lion's share of GMOs Products - eg Soy or corn - used in animal feed.


Only those foodstuffs that had to comply with strict production criteria and are constantly monitored provide real security for GMO freedom: Organic products and foods with the green control symbol "Produced without genetic engineering".


For organic products, the production specifications are regulated in EU Organic Regulation 2092/91; For the production and control of conventional foods, the guideline for the definition of "GM-free production" of foodstuffs and their labeling in the Austrian Food Codex applies in Austria.